About Wendi

Wendi's voice is filled with the pure joy of music and singing. Clear, lyrical and expressive, every phrase holds a story on its own. Her soft, steady guitar style, and occasionally her banjo or mountain dulcimer provide a happy blend of voice and instrument suited to the ballads, love songs, gospel and spiritual songs that fill her repertoire. 

She was born in upstate New York and immigrated to southern Ontario when she was seven. Musical parents (and step-parents) heard and encouraged Wendi's talents from a young age. Her early influences included Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Peter, Paul and Mary, Josh White and Simon & Garfunkel. More recently, artists from the rich, Canadian folk music scene have inspired her creativity and helped to round out her repertoire. 

Although Wendi has been performing since her teens, it took life-experience and maturity for her to gain the confidence to perform regularly. Now a lively and comfortable stage presence allows her to perform regularly in and around Halton Hills as part of a couple of folk bands and as a solo performer. Her favourite venue is at the annual "Songs for Hope" a concert organized by her family to raised funds for research into childhood cancer. 

Wendi began writing songs about six years ago. Her first song, which was short-listed by judges at the OCFF Songs from the Heart contest, is a lament about the long journey back to her late daughter. Another celebrates 20 years of marriage (Her husband, Hugh, likes to brag that Wendi's singing made him fall in love with her - there must be some truth to that, since it has been over 20 years!) 

As well as personal love songs, Wendi also writes songs with a social conscience. "Take My Hand" is an attempt to answer the war-talk that escalated after the tragic events of 9/11, and can be heard performed by others at the occasional Toronto Song Circle. 

Always striving for the perfect note or a breath-taking harmony, Wendi revels in shared music. Audience participation is always welcome at Wendi's performances. Her strongest belief is that music is a gift she has been given that must be shared and spread around - hopefully to spread some joy at the same time.